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Saturday, 19 December 2015

General Wades Road - Fort William to Inverness. A short stretch from Mucomir to Stronaba including a visit to the Powder House


This time I would like to show you my short walk of exploration!

One of General Wades Road's runs from Fort William to Inverness and was created between 1725 and 1727 to help control the Jacobites. It allowed troops to move more quickly between what had been previously difficult to reach locations.

Many visitors to the area will be familiar with the High Bridge just West of Spean Bridge over the River Spean. There is a great walking path from Spean to the High Bridge, up to the Commando monument and back down to the village. However I was curious to know what remained of General Wades road beyond the Highbridge to the North.

I have previously walked the track from the High Bridge through a field (very muddy) to the B8004 and now the next leg from the B8004 North beckoned.

There is no indicator that there is a historic road disappearing off the bend in the tarmac but Wade built pretty straight roads so I headed into the head high ferns. A machete would have been handy at this point to hack my way through the jungle.

Soon the woodland opened up and this is the first sight of a definite road
Over the top of the brow the view to the North opened further looking up the Great Glen.
The Great Glen
The Great Glen

 This is one of the tiny bridges still standing from the 1700's - Forth Road Bridge engineers take note

 After crossing a very boggy flat area the road disappears into woodland.

 Exiting on the other side of the wood there is a warm greeting! However by moving up the fence line a little I could see where the old road met the A82 at Stronaba and that was satisfactory enough.


 Coming back this shows how the road is barely there.

 At the crest of the little hill the very cold Nevis Range came in to view and a daunting Ben Nevis with October snows.

Ben Nevis
Ben Nevis

This is the powder house which dates from the early 1900's . It was built to house explosives whilst they constructed the railway line from Spean Bridge to Fort Augustus - which was intended to carry on to Inverness.
I have driven on the B8004 hundreds of times and have often wondred what this little building was but being a few hundred metres off the road I had never gone to see it up close.
The Powder House

 The surprise inside

 The view from the Powder House at Mucomir looking towards Ben Nevis and Fort William.

There is a short circular walk that could be made up from the elements I explored today probably taking an hour or so. If you are interested ask me with a map to hand!


Monday, 30 November 2015

The View from the Commando Monument at Spean Bridge is recommended by Rory Bremner


New book out celebrating Scotland's famous people and their love of Scotland, Have a look at Rory Bremner's comment.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Thermal imaging survey in Spean Bridge

Lochaber Environmental Group are coming today to carry out a thermal image survey of our Spean Bridge guesthouse.

We hope that this will help us to focus our building improvements for the comfort of guests,  us and reduce our carbon footprint.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Glenfinnan monument needs support - both money and physical!

Its one of the most striking areas in the West Highlands and an easy 30 minute drive from Spean Bridge and Fort William but the monument at Glenfinnan is leaning over.

The problem has been known about for years and its due to the tower being built on the sandy/silty soil next the loch.

Of course the viewpoint is also a dramatic place to watch the Jacobite steam train travel over the viaduct used in the Harry Potter films .

The National Trust are now is seeking financial support to carry out works to rectify the issue.

This is a short video we made from the top of the monument in 2010 which shows the spectacular views.


Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Strange new sights in Loch Linnhe, Fort William for 2016

 Cruise ships making more of a mark in 2016 in Loch Linnhe, Fort William?

Will this have any benefits for the rural villages outside Fort William such as Spean Bridge, Roy Bridge, Invergarry or Onich?

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Banavie and Ben Nevis

Chilly Banavie train station this morning.  Looking towards a dusted Ben Nevis.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Film locations throughout Scotland inlcuding the Highlands from Visit Scotland but there are some classics missing

Something for you film buffs. Film locations in Scotland including some surprises.

but I Tweeted abou these that are missing
    part 4 Whisky Galore filmed again in Portsoy this year. Finished!
  1. part 3 Being Human with Robin Williams 1994 in Lochaber, Rob Roy 1995 with Liam Neeson in Achnacarry and Glen Nevis,
  2. part 2 Castle Stalker near Appin (Holy Grail), Restless Natives by Bill Forsyth 1985 scenes from everywhere!,
  3. good list but missing Stardust 2007 with scenes from Quiraing on Skye, continues on second Tweet